Stories of participants

The Rotterdam100 takes you on a unique journey through the entrepreneurial, business and scientific life. To give you a glimpse of what you can expect, some of the former participants shared their stories. Get to know:

  • Their experiences
  • How they developed themselves
  • Their case solutions

About the Pitch Day

“One of my professors notified me about the talent competition Rotterdam100, because he knew that I’m very interested in entrepreneurship, innovation, startups and the Next Economy. Themes that are central to the Rotterdam100 competition and that is why I decided to apply.

The competition started with the Pitch Day, where we received a pitch training from Eldridge Labinjo. Before this day I didn’t know what to expect, however when I arrived it was all so impressive, all those people, those national and international students!”

It was a big happening and a really great experience.

Jeffrey Geene, Young Professional Business & Finance
Case ABN AMRO – Destroy The Bank

Case solution – Know

My and my team build an application for ABN AMRO: ‘Know’.

It’s a platform on which companies can buy transaction data from consumers. For example: A company can ask for the transaction data of 4000 women, 20 – 25 years old and living in the Netherlands.

A woman can than independently decide to disclose her transaction data and in return receive a voucher that she can give to a charity of her choice. 


About the 24 Hour Creation Battle

“One of the most inspiring things of the Rotterdam100 were my fellow candidates during the 24 Hour Creation Battle, some of them already had a lot of (work)experience in their discipline. Through working with them I kept on learning new knowledge and ways of doing stuff, over and over again.

 If I would have to name the most inspiring person to me that would be former Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende. He gave a speech on the end of the 24 Hour Creation Battle when everybody already used a lot of energy in solving their cases, including me. Then the former Prime Minister came on stage with a super energetic speech which literally and figuratively shook us a wake! It was inspiring to hear that he also started at the bottom and took a lot of amazing steps to reach the top.”

A valuable experience in which you come in contact with the world outside of science and interact with talented people.

Lars Suanet, Computer Science at Leiden University,
Case CGI/Port of Rotterdam: ‘A Logistic Nightmare’

Case Solution of Lars’s team

My and my team build an dashboard tool for CGI and Port of Rotterdam.

It’s a dashboard that helps the port in analyzing and interpreting the available arrival data of vessels and trucks.

The tool collects all related information from the daily activities that directly influences the work within the port.

The same tool reads the collected data, displays patterns of behaviour and eventually forecasts operational scenarios. 

About the Getting it Done Battle

“I was nominated by one of my professors to apply for the Rotterdam100 and it directly gained my attention because of its focus on circular issues.

After winning the 24 Hour Creation Battle our team went through to the Getting it Done Battle and we visited a lot of companies such as ABN AMRO and CGI. We noticed that the companies really had put a lot of effort in making this an amazing day for us. One of the most interesting things we visited was the combined in-house day of Rotterdam Partners together with BlueCity010 and RotterZwam. Those companies really work on creating a circular economy and it was inspiring to hear their stories and business models.”

A learning experience in which you work hard and have a lot of fun.

Stijn de Flart, Mechanical Engineering at TU Delft
Case Rotterdam Partners – Navel Gazing as Success Factor

Case Solution – HairDO

My and my team have created a circular and commercial way to utilize human hair: ‘HairDo’.

We made human hair a fibre candidate for reinforcing plastics. Our product for example helps farmers around the world who are using plastic clips in order to help their plants grow.

With our product, farmers can now use a strong, compostable, biodegradable and even nitrogen-enhancing plastic clip.

About the Grand Final

“The atmosphere was very nice, also because it took place in the context of the Talent Week at the Erasmus University. I think the jury and the keynotes were of an exceptional high quality.

I really liked the speech of Arjen Boekhold of Tony’s Chocolonely during the Rotterdam100 Grand Final. It was really inspiring.

If I have learned anything it is: ‘Think, plan, achieve’. If you have a brilliant idea for the city of Rotterdam, you can implement it, as the motto of Rotterdam says.”

Roberta Baccanti, International Business Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam,
Case Clean Tech Delta – Grey Suits on a Bike

Case Solution – We are all Clean Tech

My and my team have build awareness movement around Clean Tech.

We build a movement to get people engaged into Clean Tech and become conscious that they as indivual can have an impact on the world. 

We created and implementend an online and offline guerilla campagne for positioning Clean Tech in Rotterdam. Furthemore we devised an internship program around Clean Tech and sustainability.