Are algae the future? Engie Algae team wins Rotterdam100 with sustainable innovation

On the 20th of April the Grand Final of the Rotterdam100 talent competition was held at the Timmerhuis in Rotterdam. There, excellent students used the Get in the Ring concept to pitch solutions to Next Economy cases by regional companies to an audience of 200 innovation managers, corporate partners and students. The winning team developed a high-tech way of converting waste and emissions to energy by use of Algae for the energy company ENGIE. Alderman Visser expressed his admiration for the talents: “the Rotterdam100 proves that the city of Rotterdam is not just a bystander in the field of innovation, but always takes the lead!” Read more. 


A unique talent competition in which the most excellent students and young professionals create the Next Economy by working with leading companies on innovative solutions for challenging business cases


o Develop personal skills
    o Learn cross-sector insights
o Make friends and have fun
o Receive career opportunities
o Build a new product or concept!

Apply & Win

o Trip to Singapore
o Title ‘Rotterdam’s Most Excellent’
o Recommendation letter by mayor Aboutaleb

1st application deadline: December 16th 
2nd application deadline: January 3rd 

Exclusive Interview with people behind the scenes

For years Rotterdam was known as the city of Labour but  it has rapidly evolved to a hotspot for ambitious talent from all around the world. To enforce this position Rotterdam is organising the second edition of the Rotterdam100. The Rotterdam100 is a talent competition in which the most excellent students and young professionals work with leading companies to create innovative solutions for challenging business cases which are focused around the Next Economy. SMO created the Rotterdam100 with support of the municipality of Rotterdam. See here for an interview with the people behind this program.

How does it work?


Pitch Day

150 applicants:

o Receive pitch training
o Pitch in front of companies
o Network with startups, corporates and the municipality

100 participants will be chosen as the Rotterdam100

19 January
Rotterdam Science Tower

24 Hour Creation Battle

In 25 teams the Rotterdam100:

o Receives in-depth workshops
o Solves 5 business cases in 24 hours
o Meets CEOs and top advisors from the most innovative companies

Each case has 1 winning team who will receive a ticket to the next round

9-10 February
Rotterdam Science Tower

Getting It Done Battle

5 teams:

o Work with experts
o Visit leading companies
o Develop their app, product, business concept or …

 Each team will present their results in the Grand Final


Grand Final

Final teams pitch to win:

o The title ‘Rotterdam’s Most Excellent’
o The recommendation letter by mayor of Rotterdam
o An all inclusive trip to the Global Get In The Ring Final in Singapore, Boston or … ?!

20 April
Secret location

Talents about the Rotterdam100… 

“Highly recommended. My technical and commercial knowledge have had an enormous growth!”

Stijn de Flart, winner 2015-2016, TU Delft student 

“Insightful. I really learned a lot, but if I have to mention three things it would be defining a problem statement, setting your goals and achieving them!”

Roberta Baccanti, finalist 2015-2016, Erasmus University student 

Leaders about the Rotterdam100…

I see networking, diversity, entrepreneurship and innovation as key drivers for a future-proof “BV Nederland”. The Rotterdam 100 initiative is perfectly in line with this vision.

“Collaboration between students and businesses in the Rotterdam100 will bring businesses new insights and students a valuable opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills.”

Allard Castelein
Port of Rotterdam

“I see networking, diversity, entrepreneurship and innovation as key drivers for a future-proof “BV Nederland”. The Rotterdam100 initiative is perfectly in line with this vision.”

Alineke van den Berge
Managing Director Operations

“The Rotterdam 100 offers students and young professionals the opportunity to develop their talents, and gives companies new insights. This program boosts the innovation power of Rotterdam.”

Ahmed Aboutaleb
Mayor of Rotterdam

“The Rotterdam 100 is a great opportunity to learn practical skills during your study. Next to that I believe it is an unique chance for students to come in touch with their future employers and the city of Rotterdam.”

Ron Bormans
President of the Board
Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences 

“During “Rotterdam 100” we look forward to actively involving talented students in our Business Challenges and offering them the opportunity to connect with KPN representatives for support and networking.”

Jan Kees de Jager